Arctico Beverage Company International Inc. or Artico is a company incorporated in Nevada, United States of America. Artico is a private company categorized under wine & distilled beverages. Artico has all patent rights and trademarks for the brand of Arctic Ice.  Beingyoung and dynamic private company, Artico tremendously making unprecedented progress in the exciting world of energy drinks worldwide.  

Artico strategy has been from the start to establish a credible & serious life-style brand, by associating with high-end and high-profile endorsements.  For the Asianmarket, the most visible and important of these is Arctic Ice exclusive global energy drink partnership of Manchester United Football Club. 

Arctic Ice energy drink main launch in Asia will have a Malaysian company tie-in, Bio Osmo Berhad (BOB). Artico had assigned its rights to produce, manufacture and distribute energy drinks to Bio Osmo Berhad (BOB) in certain parts of Asia. 

Bio Osmo Berhad is a vibrant and energetic company.  They have a very strong group of young people in positions of responsibility.   While Bio Osmo Berhad has a very strong base in drinking water production and distribution, they have contracted the Arctic Ice production to the largest and most professional canner in the country. 

Bio Osmo Berhad belief that the local markets have been under-served by important international brands, and that there is a huge, largely untapped market for a lifestyle product like Arctic Ice. The success of tie-ups partnership with Bio Osmo Berhad, it has led opportunities to Malaysian to grow in business with Arctic Ice energy drink.